Vanclaes Marina Equipment

All hardware for your marina, dock, yacht storage and yacht service company: from boat stands to showroom stands and from a fully automated trailer ramp to boarding ladders, dock bumper guards and bollards. Vanclaes Marina Equipment produces virtually all these products with extreme precision and dedication in its own factory. Vanclaes Marina Equipment is your partner for all your marina equipment needs and can supply these throughout all of Europe (only B2B).

Vanclaes BV, mostly known for its unique stainless steel Standard and Customshop boat trailers, is an initiative from the entrepreneur and product developer Stian Duijvelaar. Long before the Vanclaes boat trailers were thought up and developed, Stian had another remarkable product development to his name: an automated trailer tramp that, like the Vanclaes boat trailers, offered a ton of user-friendliness, quality and reliability to its users. The automated trailer ramp prevents many of the annoyances and scary situations of trailer ramps that we are all familiar with. Instead, it offers its users safety and complete control over launching the trailer with the boat.

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